Getting Started

So you want to play with eQip?

First thing you will want to do is download QNX NC. As of version 6.2.0, it includes support for running QNX on the iPaq. This is the codebase from which the eQip project was started (and has since enhanced). However, this is still currently the best starting point since you will want to have compilers, tools and such for building the apps out of CVS and building your own.

Once you have QNX downloaded and installed you can read the online docs or the same docs via the Helpviewer from within QNX. These will guide you through the reflashing of your units flash memory and getting the iPaq Refrence Platform installed.

Now you are ready to roll! Get the eQip source from CVS, sign up to the mail list,, join us on in the channel #eqip (and #qnx) and read what people are saying on the WiKi.