Note:  These documents are part of an unreleased product developed by QNX Software Systems, Ltd. The release date has not been announced, nor have the images needed to perform the installation. If you have questions or have found grammar or technical errors, please email me at:
-William Bull
iPAQ Reference Platform

We would like to share with you the software needed to install the QNX operating system onto the Compaq iPAQ hardware. In conjunction with QNX's freely available development tools, you can now easily deploy your own software on an embedded device. We encourage you to share your applications and publicly demonstrate your research!

This release is primarily for non-commercial development. It represents a practical example of cross platform development targeting Intel's Strong ARM processor. For all commercial tools and development interests, please contact a QNX sales representative at:

If you, or your company, would be interested in showcasing your technology on QNX's public Reference Platform, please contact us! We would love to incorporate product from our partners. 

This environment will evolve with the support of the QNX developer community. Sample source code and pre built images with contributed code will be made available. Please visit the iPAQ community site, for more information. To speak with QNX developers and users, please visit the IRC channel #QNX on the server: