CVS Access

Getting and Building Da Source

You can download the source from our CVS tree hosted at Detailed instructions can be found here.

To build all the wonderful source you have just checked out you will need to setup your environment to build properly with the QNX Makefile system. This isn't very hard. First, download qconf-override

and save it in your home directory. Edit the file and change the location of the stage directory to be relative to your home dir. Then setup the following environment variables:

export QCONF_OVERRIDE=$HOME/qconf-override
export CPULIST=arm

Once you have these variable set, simply go into the eqip directory you check out of cvs and invoke:

make -k hinstall install

When this is finished you will have all the headers, libs and binaries from the eQip project installed into $HOME/stage.

If you check out the latest CVS, you will find qconf-override in there. Also included is the build-world shell script which pretty much wraps up all above instructions.